Is it true that beards grow more in summer?

Beard growth is mainly influenced by the genetic and hormonal factors of each individual, and not by the season of the year. In other words, the speed of beard growth and hair density depend on genetic predisposition and hormones, not on the season.

However, some people may experience faster beard growth at certain times of the year for various reasons:

  1. Winter: During winter, many people may experience faster beard growth, but this is often because hair may appear more noticeable on fair skin due to winter clothing covering the face less frequently.

  2. Sun Exposure: Sun exposure can affect beard growth, but in reverse. The sun and heat can dehydrate hair follicles, making your beard thinner and less thick. Therefore, some people may notice seemingly slower beard growth during the summer or in very hot climates.

  3. Seasonal Hormonal Changes: Some individuals may experience seasonal hormonal fluctuations that affect hair growth. However, these fluctuations are usually related to overall health and not the season itself.

Ultimately, beard growth is primarily an individual genetic and hormonal characteristic. If you have concerns about your beard growth or want to stimulate it, you can consider adopting a balanced diet, good skin and hair hygiene, and sometimes consult a doctor or dermatology specialist for further advice and treatments, such as therapy of hair growth.

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