Our history

In the beating heart of the art of barbering, Bulligans Collections was born in 2017, the result of the ardent passion and profound experience gained in the Barber Shop sector. Through years of dedication, we had the unique opportunity to explore and test a vast range of products dedicated to beard care, a journey that lit the fire of creation within us, pushing us to give life to a line that was ours, unique and distinctive.

2018 marks a fundamental chapter in our history: the birth of the first Bulligans products. Among these, the hair waxes in the standard 100ml format and the practical 30ml travel size have represented a real revolution, the result of months of meticulous testing within highly selected Barber Shop partners, culminating in the creation of products that embody perfection our ideals of excellence and quality.

Anecdotes about success:

During the testing phase of our hair waxes, a particularly skeptical barber agreed to try our product, even though he doubted whether it could surpass the quality of those he had already used. After just a week, he became one of our most fervent supporters, admitting that our wax not only met, but exceeded his expectations, offering unprecedented hold and shine. This episode strengthened our belief in the value of direct industry feedback.

Another key moment in our journey was when, during a trade fair, a visitor put our 30ml travel size to the test during an impromptu trip. Upon his return, he shared with us how the product had not only withstood the challenges of a busy trip, but had also attracted the interest of other travellers, becoming a small ambassador for our brand beyond national borders.

We continue to grow and innovate, developing new products with meticulously selected fragrances, always with a careful eye on quality and environmental impact. By choosing exclusively natural raw materials and optimizing production details, we aim to make our supply chain as eco-sustainable as possible. Bulligans is synonymous with Made in Italy excellence, proudly 100% produced in a company located in the splendid setting of Southern Italy, where tradition meets innovation.