What types of beards are there?

There are many types of beards to choose from, and the type of beard that best suits a person depends on their face shape, personal style, and the beard's ability to grow. Here are some of the most common beard types:

  1. Full Beard: A full beard is a long beard that covers the entire face. It can be kept in various styles, from the long and thick beard to the cleanest and most well-groomed beard.

  2. Crew beard: This beard style is characterized by a short, thick and well-groomed beard that follows the shape of the face. It is often associated with a masculine and rugged appearance.

  3. Chandelier Beard: A chandelier beard is a long beard that tapers downward, forming a candlestick-like tip.

  4. Pointed Beard: This beard style is characterized by a short beard with a sharp or pointed tip in the chin area.

  5. Three-day beard: A three-day beard is a short beard that appears to have grown for about three days without shaving. It's a clean and slightly scruffy look.

  6. Scrap Metal Beard: This beard is characterized by irregular and messy hair growth, giving a scruffy and rustic appearance.

  7. Van Dyke Beard: The van Dyke beard consists of a goatee and a small beard on the lower part of the chin. Usually, the goatee is separate from the beard.

  8. Goatee Beard: A goatee is a small beard located only on the bottom of the chin. It can be combined with various styles of mustaches or side shaves.

  9. Butterfly Beard: This beard style is inspired by those worn by characters like Errol Flynn and is characterized by a thin, elongated beard that resembles the shape of a butterfly.

  10. Mutton Chops Beard: Mutton chops are thick, long beards that cover the cheeks and are often separated from the beard on the lower part of the face.

  11. Ducktail Beard: The ducktail beard is a long, pointed beard that resembles the shape of a duck tail.

  12. Garibaldi Beard: This beard is thick and long, often slightly curved at the bottom. It may require considerable growth to achieve.

These are just a few examples of the many beard styles available. The choice of beard type depends on personal tastes, the shape of the face and the beard growth capacity of each individual.

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