How to choose a beard based on your face shape

The beard has become a very popular style accessory in recent years. However, not all beards are suitable for all face shapes. Choosing the right beard based on your face shape can improve your overall appearance and highlight your distinctive features. In this article, we'll walk you through the different types of face shapes and give you helpful tips on how to choose the perfect beard for you.

  1. Determine your face shape: Before you start looking for the ideal beard, you need to identify your face shape. Common face shapes include oval, square, round, rectangular, heart and diamond. You can do this by examining key features of your face, such as the width of your forehead, the shape of your jaw, and the length of your face.

  2. Beard for Oval Face: If you have an oval face, you are in luck, because this face shape is considered universal and suits many beard styles. You can experiment with short, medium or long beards, such as the chandelier beard or the hourglass beard.

  3. Beard for Square Face: The square face has a strong jawline and angular facial lines. To soften your features, you can opt for a beard that is longer on the sides and shorter on the chin. The van dyke beard or T-shaped beard are great options for the square face.

  4. Beard for round face: If you have a round face, you can try to create a lengthening effect. Avoid beards that are too short and full, as they could accentuate the roundness. Opt for a longer beard on your chin and cheeks to create the illusion of a slimmer face. Goatee beard or pointed beard can be great choices for you.

  5. Beard for Rectangular Face: The rectangular face is characterized by a wide forehead and a square jaw. To balance these features, you can opt for a beard that is shorter on the sides and longer on the chin. The horseshoe beard or bandit beard are styles that might suit your rectangular face well.

  6. Beard for Heart-shaped Face: A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and a narrow chin. In this case, you can try to create a widening effect on the chin. A short or medium beard with a fuller shape on the chin can help balance out the heart-shaped face shape. Avoid beards that are too long on your cheeks, as they could accentuate the width of your forehead.

  7. Diamond Face Beard: A diamond face has wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead and defined jawline. You can experiment with shorter or medium beards that help soften the appearance of your cheekbones. The hourglass beard or pointed beard can work well with this face shape.

Choosing a beard based on your face shape can make a difference in your overall appearance. By carefully examining the shape of your face and experimenting with different beard styles, you can find the one that best suits you. Remember that these are just guidelines, and ultimately it's up to you to decide which style makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Experiment, have fun and enjoy your unique beard!

How to choose a beard based on your face shape?

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