Why is it important to shave?

If you're wondering why it's important to shave, the answer is simple: it's your secret weapon against the dark forces of itching! Yes, you understood correctly, the beard is your magical shield against the fearsome enemy that threatens to invade your face with annoying itching.

The Itch Repellent: The beard acts as an anti-itch force field, creating an impenetrable barrier against subtle attacks of itch. Without it, your face would be vulnerable to a series of mysterious itches coming from unknown places. Your beard is your personal superhero, ready to save you from annoying scratches.

The Wandering Food Filter: Have you ever noticed how your beard works like a food filter? Yes, that's right! Your beard is your guarantor against those pesky bits of food that try to escape their fate on your plate and end up in unimaginable places on your face. The beard catches and holds back these unwanted invaders, allowing you to enjoy your meal without worry.

The Crazy Genius Camouflage: Who said the crazy genius look isn't cool? The beard gives you the opportunity to instantly transform your look from "normal person" to "eccentric genius". It's like wearing a secret mask, except your mask is made of awesome facial hair.

The Wisdom Meter: Every inch of beard is a direct indicator of your accumulated wisdom over the years. It's basically a ring tree, but for your face. The longer your beard, the wiser you are. It's a law of nature (or maybe not, but who cares?).

So, the next time someone asks you why it's important to shave, answer confidently: "Because my beard is my shield against itching and my secret to looking wisely eccentric!" The beard is your trusted companion in the daily fight against dark forces.

How do you grow a beard?

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