Where does the beard grow first?

Beard growth generally begins in different areas of the face at different times, and the sequence can vary from person to person. However, as a general rule, beard growth often follows a similar order, usually starting in the neck and cheek areas, then spreading to the chin and sideburns area. Here is a general overview of how a beard usually grows:

  1. Neck: Many people begin to notice hair growth on the neck area. This area may develop thicker, darker hair sooner than others.

  2. Cheeks: The cheeks are often the next area where hair starts to grow. Initially, hair growth on the cheeks may be patchy and thinner than on other parts of the face.

  3. Menton: The chin area usually follows the cheeks. Hair will begin to grow on your chin and may become thicker and more noticeable over time.

  4. Sideburns: Sideburns are the areas on the side of the face near the ears. Again, hair growth can vary from person to person, but this area is usually involved in beard growth.

  5. Jaw line: Hair growth on the jaw line often connects the sideburns to the chin and can vary in density.

  6. Supralabial area: The supralabial area is usually the last to fill with thicker, darker hair.

It should be noted that beard growth is influenced by genetics and varies greatly from person to person. Some men may develop a thick, full beard at a young age, while others may take longer for their beard to reach maturity. The key is to be patient and allow your beard to grow naturally over time.

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