How do I use bulligans beard oil?

Bulligans Beard Oil is a product specifically designed to hydrate, soften and condition your beard. Here's how you can use it correctly:

Step 1: Prepare your beard

Before applying beard oil, make sure your beard is clean and dry. You can wash it gently with a beard shampoo and dry it completely with a towel.

Step 2: Dosage

Pour a small amount of Bulligans Beard Oil into the palms of your hands. Typically, a few drops are enough for a medium-length beard. You can always add more oil if needed, but it's best to start with a modest amount and increase if needed.

Step 3: Uniform distribution

Rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly. Make sure it is present on both hands and that there is no excessive buildup in one place.

Step 4: Application

Gently run your hands through your beard, massaging the oil into the hairs. Make sure you reach the skin underneath, as beard oil not only softens the hair, but also moisturizes the skin and prevents any irritation.

Step 5: Combing or brushing

After applying the oil, you can use a comb or beard brush to further distribute the product and shape your beard to your desired style. Combing or brushing your beard will also help prevent excessive oil buildup in certain areas.

Step 6: Style

Now you can shape your beard according to your personal style. You can use it to shape your mustache or to flatten any stray hairs. Remember that Bulligans beard oil not only provides a well-groomed look but also helps maintain a healthy beard.

Step 7: Storage

Make sure you store your Bulligans Beard Oil in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Always close the bottle tightly after use to prevent the oil from deteriorating.

Repeat this process as needed, usually once a day or every other day, depending on the length and density of your beard and your personal needs. Regular use of Bulligans Beard Oil will help keep your beard healthy, soft and well conditioned.

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