What is powdered wax used for?

Powdered hair wax is an innovative product that has quickly taken over the world of hair care. But what exactly is powdered hair wax used for? Let's discover together its many benefits and how it can become your ally for an impeccable style.

1. Increase the Volume

Powdered wax is known for its ability to increase hair volume. This lightweight, powdery product distributes evenly through hair, lifting it from the root and adding added dimension and thickness. The result is voluminous hair full of life.

2. Texture and Definition

One of the main functions of powdered wax is to create texture and definition in the hair. It is especially effective for finer or straighter hair, adding structure and movement to the hair. You can style your hair to get the style you want without weighing it down.

3. Fat Absorption and Improve Tightness

The wax powder absorbs excess sebum, giving the hair a feeling of freshness. Furthermore, it improves the hold of styling, ensuring that your look remains intact for longer without losing the naturalness of movement.

4. Easy Application and Removal

The powdered wax applies easily. Simply distribute a small amount between your hands and then work it through dry or slightly damp hair. Its light texture makes it easy to remove with regular shampoo at the end of the day.

5. Suitable for Different Lengths and Hair Types

The versatility of powdered wax is another highlight. It adapts to different hair lengths and can be used on short or long hair. Plus, it's suitable for a wide range of hair types, from straight to curly.

In conclusion, hair wax powder is a multifunctional product that offers volume, texture and hold without weighing the hair down. Introduce it into your styling routine and discover how it can improve your daily look.

We at Bulligans offer you our innovative white dust wax powder. It is a professional wax in powder form, it gives volume and a matte finish to the hair, allowing you to create hairstyles with a natural effect and moderate hold. Also ideal for wavy or curly hair. It can also be used on wet hair, giving a natural and volumizing effect. White Dust has an intoxicating and strong long-lasting "intense noir" fragrance.

Powdered wax for hair - White dust

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