How to wear a beard in 2023: the right advice and products

Are you a beard lover and want to know how to bring it to the best in 2023? In this article, you'll find the right advice for a top-notch look, and you'll discover the Bulligans products that will help you take care of your beard.

The beard is increasingly fashionable, and 2023 will be no different. But how to wear it to be trendy and elegant at the same time? The answer is: it depends on your style and your personality. Here are our recommendations.

Short and neat beard: the perfect choice for those who don't want to dare too much

If you want a clean and tidy look, but don't want to give up your beard, opt for a short, trimmed beard. Choose a length you like and take care of it with specific beard products. Bulligans Conditioner will help soften your beard and make it more manageable, while Bulligans Beard Oil will nourish and deeply hydrate it.

Long and thick beard: the choice for those who love to dare

If, on the other hand, you are a bold type and want a long and thick beard, the choice is the right one. But be careful: such an important beard requires a lot of care and attention. Use a beard comb to maintain shape and volume, and apply Bulligans balm and oil to keep your beard soft and silky. Also, remember to trim your beard regularly to prevent it from getting too heavy.

Short beard with defined contours: the perfect look for the businessman

If you are a businessman and you want a smart and professional look, the short beard with defined edges is the right choice for you. Use a beard trimmer to define the edges, and keep your beard clean and groomed at all times. Bulligans Beard Oil will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent irritation.

Beard with mustache: the vintage look that never goes out of style

If you are a vintage lover, the mustache beard is the right look for you. Choose a short or medium beard and let your mustache grow out, defining it with a beard trimmer. Bulligans Beard Balm will help keep your mustache soft and shiny.

In conclusion, in 2023 the beard will still be fashionable, but the important thing is to choose the right look for your personality and take care of your beard with the right products. Bulligans offers you a wide range of beard care products, for a top-notch look.

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