Beard shampoo, how often to use it?

Bulligans beard shampoo

To keep your beard clean and tidy, you need to use the right products, necessary to soften it and make it soft to the touch.

But how often should you wash your beard and which is the best beard shampoo?

The advice is to wash it one day yes and two days no, and perform a monthly treatment at the barber. However, depending on the type of work you do, you need to wash your beard more often. For example, those who work on construction sites, in contact with dust and irritating substances, need to wash their beard more frequently, to prevent the skin from becoming irritated and inflamed. However, this does not mean that you have to wash your beard every day. In fact, daily washing can weaken the hair and weaken it further.

How to best clean your beard and ensure it is perfectly washed? The procedure for washing the beard is very simple, but the various phases must be respected to obtain the best results.

Here are the steps to perform:

  • Wet the beard with water at the right temperature
  • Apply beard shampoo
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Dry and comb

But what should you wash your beard with? Among the products for washing the beard, the fundamental one is the beard shampoo. Indispensable for removing dirt and impurities that lurk in the hair, beard shampoo is also perfect for fighting dandruff. It is essential to opt for the best beard shampoo and avoid hair shampoo or hand soap, which are more aggressive and not suitable for treating the beard.

After shampooing, it is also useful to apply a beard conditioner, to be left to act for a few minutes, so that it reaches deep. At this point, rinse with plenty of warm water.

So what's the solution? If you don't want to give up your beard, Bulligans offers you excellent ones beard shampoo , to wash it more often, hydrate it and take care of your skin, as well as the thick hair.

Beard shampoo: what it is and what it is for

The beard cleansing shampoo has the same function as the one used every day for the hair. There is, however, a big difference: its formulation is less aggressive, because it comes into contact with the skin of the face, which is more delicate than that of the scalp, and because it does not have to act radically on the sebum of the hair. , which however leaves it clean, soft and hydrated.

Bulligans has selected two alternatives for you to always keep with you for perfect beards:

Both are created specifically for beards.

They clean, moisturize and give a shiny, healthy and well-groomed appearance to the beard.

They are suitable for all skin types, their natural extracts with variable soothing properties make them ideal for sensitive skin that tends to get irritated.

They are excellent for the care and cleansing of long beards.

We would like to remind you that the quality of all Bulligans Collections products is organic in nature and guaranteed by Made In Italy.


Organic aloe vera, cucumber, rice bran oil, argan oil.

Bulligans offers you a wide variety of products for your beard, from oil to gel for a perfect shave, from aftershave balms to shampoos for a flawless final result and hydrated skin without irritation.

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