When to use aftershave?

When should you use aftershave? Let's start by saying that after shaving, the face must be adequately hydrated using plenty of water; following this we must apply a good aftershave product.

But why? The skin that undergoes the passage of the razor suffers a little. It's like it's being exfoliated all the time.

In fact, the blade, by cutting the hair, also takes away some keratinocytes, i.e. the most superficial "dead" cells, somehow weakening their natural protection.

One of the greatest benefits of aftershave is the feeling of freshness and regeneration.

The aftershave gives the face softness, elasticity and consistency. Aftershave products also manage to counteract the chemical reagents and dust deposited on the skin, which make the face lifeless and fragile.

Also, razor blade burns will be minimized due to the cooling effect of the aftershave.

But which aftershave to choose?

Bulligans has thought of you with the structured aftershave cream with a totally organic formula, available in two different fragrances namely Silver Mountain andWoods and Tobacco .

Our aftershave creams are designed for those who shave constantly.

In fact, they immediately relieve the irritation caused by shaving, also acting as a moisturizer, making the skin toned and luminous and preventing skin irritation.

Thanks to their active ingredients and ingredients such as with argan oil, aloe vera and olive oil, ensure lasting well-being throughout the day.

If you buy on our website www.bulligans.com you will also get a free after shave towel!

The packaging is in 100% recyclable aluminum

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We would like to remind you that the quality of all Bulligans Collections products is of natural origin and guaranteed by Made In Italy.

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