Why have a beard?

Why have a beard? Today we are going to see what are the advantages of having a beard.

In addition to an aesthetic factor, in fact not everyone knows that the beard can perform some important functions, even beneficial for the skin such as protection from pollution, sun rays and dermatitis.

What are the benefits of wearing a beard? As can be easily guessed, and in any case confirmed by recent studies, the beard is able to protect against solar radiation by forming a physical barrier which can reduce the percentage of UV rays (those responsible for the development of tumors) reaching the skin by 90-95%. facial skin.

This is especially true for those men who, when exposed to the sun, very often do not use protective creams. Furthermore, over time the beard helps to keep the skin of the face young: in fact, this is more hydrated and protected both due to the action of the hair follicles which produce oily substances which are not dried out by atmospheric factors but remain longer in contact with the face, both because it is less exposed to pollutants, as well as being less subject to the evaporation of transcutaneous water.

The beard, then, in many cases avoids the onset of irritative dermatitis and folliculitis often resulting from shaving.

Can men who wear beards then do without protective creams? Absolutely not.

Even bearded men must use protective creams against UV rays and moisturizing creams, which, on the contrary, remain longer on the skin of the face and are more effective in areas covered by hair.

Equally important for those who wear a beard is its proper cleansing and hygiene.

Always keep your beard neat and clean. Personal care and therefore beard care is very important in every man's life. The beard should simply be washed with a special shampoo 1-2 times a week. More frequent use may cause dandruff or dry, irritated skin.

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