New product, the hair mousse; what is it for?

Fixing mousse is a product used to fix and style hair. It is usually applied to damp or dry hair and styled as desired. The fixing foam provides support to hold the shape of the hair and prevents it from falling out or becoming frizzy during the day.

To get the best results with setting mousse, you need to apply it correctly to your hair. You have to start with a small amount of product and increase the amount depending on the amount of hair you want to fix. Also, avoid applying too much mousse, as this can make your hair feel sticky or heavy.

Bulligans fixing foam gives a light hold and a natural shine, offering protection from heat sources and helping to shape the curl.

The quality of all Bulligans Collections products is guaranteed by Made In Italy.

The hair mousse is a conditioning product, formulated as an alternative to gels and hairsprays, to give hold to both long and short hair, it is usually applied after shampooing to avoid the risk of weighing down the hair.

The foam is made up of water, vitamins, silicone, dyes, alcohol, cationic resin and emulsifiers. The alcohol allows the substances to mix and together with the emulsifiers it helps to create the foam; the resin instead forms a film in the hair that allows better management of the hair strands. Foams can provide both hold and treatment for the hair

It is packaged in a can with dispenser.

Unlike gels, mousses guarantee a light hold that does not weigh down the hairstyle, they cannot be removed from the hair with brush strokes like hairsprays, but only by washing with water, preferably with shampoo.

As always, we would like to point out that the quality of all Bulligans Collections products is organic in nature and guaranteed by Made In Italy.

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