New in the world of beard: The disciplined beard

The beard straightener is an innovative product in the world of beards; but what is it for?

Bulligans beard tamer is an innovative and organic product that disciplines the beard giving a natural effect. Also suitable for use in the summer season because it protects the beard from the sun's rays and salt. Being an anti-frizz product it will be a true ally for your beard which will be soft and fragrant thanks to the Salt Crystals essence.
How to use:
The product can be vaporized directly on the beard or vaporized on the hands, then massage the beard carefully. The product can be used several times a day. It guarantees a duration of 12-16 hours.

Washing and brushing the beard are the fundamental steps to take to always get a well-groomed and fit beard. Once the beard has been washed and brushed, it is important to bring nourishment, both to the beard itself and to the skin. To do this, our advice is to use our new product. Our beard tamper is ideal for softening even the most rebellious beard, disciplining it and making it pleasant to stroke. This product fortifies the beard, making it shiny, soft, silky, extremely easy to comb and perfumed. But not only. Gives a pleasant sensation of well-being to the skin which, after the treatment, is nourished and luminous.

Disciplinary features:

Nourishes the beard;
It makes it soft and compact with a natural effect;
Protects the beard from UV rays;
Protects the beard from saltiness;
Thanks to its special organic formula it can be applied several times throughout the day;

In the beard cutting phase, having a percentage of anti-frizz, it can be used after shampooing, and in the final finish!

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