The Beard Disciplinary Salt Crystals: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for an innovative and organic product for the care of your beard, the "Cristalli di Sale" beard trimmer could be the ideal solution. In this article, we answer the most common questions about this product, helping you understand if it is right for your needs.

Product ingredients

The "Cristalli di Sale" beard tamer is formulated with natural and organic ingredients. It contains no harmful chemicals, thus ensuring a safe and gentle treatment for your beard. The biological composition ensures that the product can be used several times a day without risk of irritation.


The "Salt Crystals" fragrance is fresh and light, inspired by the aroma of sea water. The fragrance is not overly intense, which makes it perfect for everyday use without being overpowering. Furthermore, the fragrance persists delicately on the beard, offering a sensation of freshness throughout the day.


One of the most appreciated aspects of this tamer is its ability to reduce frizz and make the beard soft and compact with a natural effect. Users have reported positive results from the first applications, noticing a more disciplined and easy-to-manage beard.

Application and duration

For best results, simply spray the product directly onto your beard or hands and massage it carefully. The ideal amount varies based on the length and density of your beard, but generally a small amount is sufficient. The disciplinarian guarantees a duration of 12-16 hours, keeping the beard soft and fragrant all day long.


The "Salt Crystals" beard tamer offers effective protection against UV rays and salt, making it suitable for both summer and winter use. The protection from the sun's rays prevents damage and discoloration, while the defense against the salt prevents the beard from drying out and getting ruined during days at the beach.

Compatibility and beard type

This product is versatile and suitable for all types of beard, whether short, long, curly or straight. Furthermore, it can be used on colored or chemically treated beards without any problem. The anti-frizz formula is particularly useful for curly or unruly beards, making them more manageable and soft.

Seasonal use

It is not necessary to vary the quantity of product between the summer and winter seasons. However, in conditions of high humidity or extreme cold, it may be useful to apply the product several times a day to keep your beard protected and soft.

Frequency of use

The disciplinarian can be used several times a day without contraindications. Its natural and organic formula minimizes the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions, making it safe even for prolonged use.

Interactions with other products

The "Cristalli di Sale" beard trimmer is compatible with other beard care products, such as shampoos, conditioners and oils. It can be easily integrated into your grooming routine, enhancing the effect of other products used.

Results and testimonials

Many users have shared positive reviews and testimonials on the effectiveness of the "Cristalli di Sale" beard trimmer. The before and after photos clearly show a more disciplined, soft and healthy-looking beard. This positive feedback confirms the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Beard grooming | Bulligans innovative and organic product

The "Cristalli di Sale" beard tamer represents an excellent choice for those who want a soft, fragrant and well-groomed beard. Thanks to its organic formula, protection against UV rays and salt, and the ability to reduce frizz, this product stands out as an indispensable ally in your beard care routine.

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