How to cut beard on neck

Have you ever thought about which shaving tips are essential for a man? The answer is clear, and anyone could tell you not to experiment with a beard on the neck. You can experiment with new beard or mustache styles, you can try different razors or products, but shaving your neck beard right has to start becoming part of your everyday routine.

In this article, we at Bulligans have thought of you. You will find answers to questions such as "how to find the right shaving line" and "how to cut a beard on the neck".

After you have finished reading, we assure you that you will no longer have these doubts and you can refine your look to always be at your best.

1. Find the right beard line on your neck

Before you start trimming your neck beard, you need to learn to recognize it. This is an invisible line between the ears that passes just above your Adam's apple.

Then go in front of a mirror, tilt your head back slightly and place two fingers just above the Adam's apple. From there passes the invisible line under which you should always cut any hair. No matter what the length of your beard is - long or short, there must always be a clear line separating your beard from the lower part of the neck.

2. Choose the right products

It seems obvious, but remembering it never hurts. High quality products are the key to a good shave, and trimming the neck is no exception.

3. Pre-shave tips

Before we get started, we have a few small tips. Remember to be careful not to cut the hair on your neck too high or too low. You should then wait for some time to fix it. And remember that shaving after or during a shower can help. This is because hot water dilates the pores and makes shaving easier.

4. Shave below the beard line on the neck

Now it's time to shave the beard below the neck line. Start from the middle to the ear, but pay attention to the jaw line. Return to the middle and move on to the other half. With a little practice, you will be able to handle this step accurately and quickly. If you make a mistake in defining the line on the neck, let the beard grow long enough and define a new one. The waiting time is subjective, it could be a couple of days or a week.

5. Style the beard on the neck

There are two ways to shave and style the beard on the neck, specifically below the ears. You can choose between a square and a round shape.

Best for you? It depends on the shape of your face. If you have a round face, styling a square beard is the best solution. While in the case of a square face, it is better to opt for a round beard line. Then choose the right line for you, apply the gel or shaving cream, shape and finish.

6. Aftershave

Sometimes it is important to remember this, but the shaving experience does not end with the last stroke of the razor. Take care of your skin afterwards too. Use ouraftershave , available in two different fragrances, to moisturize the skin and make it soft.

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