What is the safety razor for?

In the 1970s the safety razor was replaced by multi-blade disposable plastic models. However lately it is making a comeback due to its multiple benefits.

The safety razor or double blade or DE (double edge) is a type of razor invented in the early 1900s and immediately became very popular due to its ease of handling and practicality compared to the one used up to then, i.e. the hand razor free.

But what are the advantages of the safety razor?

As for shaving, having a single blade that does its job well eliminates the risk of irritation, pimples and grazes.

Double edged means that the blade is exposed from both sides, so once one side is "worn out", the other can be used.

Then there is the question of durability: the safety razor is a steel object built to last over time which, unlike disposable plastic razors, lasts a lifetime, the only part that is thrown away is the blade. which in any case can last more than 10 shaves with the right maintenance.

We at Bulligans are very attentive to the environmental issue and plastic is a problem that we must all solve together, us first!

The problem with disposable plastic is that it is not recycled efficiently and is very often dispersed into the environment.

The safety razor is a green solution, this is because the only waste that is produced are the blades inside.

To shave, just soap the part to be shaved well and pass the razor without applying pressure, with an angle of 30 degrees and proceeding with short passages, a few centimeters at a time.
Have you ever tried it?

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