What are the types of beards?

Surely there are many types of beard; we at Bulligans are going to take a better look at which are the best known types of beard so as not to confuse them with each other!

The classic beard

It is a type of beard with a classic and tidy style, the most recommended if you work in the office or in an environment where a certain type of image and clothing is required. Certainly among the most popular beard styles in Europe. We are no longer talking about a short beard or a few days old, but a thick hair that has been left to grow for more than 3 weeks. The upper line of the cheeks and the lower part of the neck should be shaved regularly using a razor blade or even an electric razor; trying instead to blend and make the rest of the mass homogeneous with a work of comb and scissors. It is suitable for any type of face but we would like to recommend it especially to those with a very thick beard.

The unkempt beard

The unkempt beard is the type of beard that is created by letting it grow for a few days. To obtain it, it takes relatively little time and to highlight its growth, the lines of the neck and cheeks are almost always outlined with a razor. Many call it an unkempt stubble precisely because of its natural look and for many it is the valid alternative to a more refined and averagely long shape. A simple beard, not at all demanding, suitable for those who still have doubts about growing it or keeping it short. It is recommended for those with a round or diamond face.

Full beard

It's that type of beard that stands on the borderline between well-groomed and unkempt. That middle ground between lumberjack and intellectual of the past where the length still retains the charm of wisdom. Here the difference is made by the centimeters, which is why it is advisable to trim it regularly on the sides, leaving the shape intact. The reason? Simple, a hipster beard is long and thick, but NEVER MESSY OR PUFFY. Compared to many other long beards, it certainly needs less attention and care, but be careful, leaving it too wild could bring nasty surprises. The advice of our barbers is to combine it with a nice handlebar mustache to highlight the style and length even more.

The Hollywood style

Recently revived by the actor Leonardo Di Caprio, and now widely used among all bearded men who are looking for more refined and sophisticated beard models. The difference compared to the other forms lies in its conformation, as it is characterized by a lowered cheek line which then attaches to the sideburns. The lower part can be shaped into a pointed shape with scissors to give even more prominence to the typically angular shape. This model is not suitable for everyone, but assumes a square face type or with marked features.

For any type of beard, it's important to use the right products.

Skin cleansing and hair cleaning with the right products are fundamental phases for any type of beard.

Whether it's short or long, remember that beard hair needs nourishment and deep cleaning; so yes, don't forget to wash your beard!

But how? Using a specific beard shampoo, you can find a myriad of proposals on the market, but we always recommend something very natural and neutral so as not to damage or weaken the ph of the skin, see Bulligans products for example.

After shampooing, cultivate the habit of applying a good conditioner and beard oil.

As for the beard balm, we at Bulligans offer you two different fragrances: wood and tobacco and silver mountain; while for the beard oil, in addition to the wood and tobacco and silver mountain fragrances, we have added a new variant, namely salt crystals .

As you have seen, there are many beard models to inspire you. One of the most recommended methods to make the right choice is certainly to entrust yourself to an expert barber. Talking and consulting with him will clarify your ideas better and will also be a valid help in consulting and analyzing many other aspects such as the face, practicality and the value it brings to your image.

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