Our White Dust wax powder

Today we are going to discover our White dust powder wax

Our White Dust is a professional wax in powder, gives volume and a matte finish to the hair, allows you to create hairstyles with a natural effect and a moderate hold. Also ideal for wavy or curly hair. It can also be used on wet hair giving a natural and volumizing effect. The White Dust is endowed with an intoxicating and decisive long-lasting "intense noir" fragrance.

The secret to always having voluminous hair, even during the summer season, exhausting your hair.

Volumizing hair powder is a product that has only recently been purchased here in Italy, but it has already established itself for several years in other countries. If you have problems with flat hair, or curly but voluminous only in the final part, this is the product for you: easy to use and minimally invasive.

It is used by the best hairstylists, but let's see how volumizing hair powder is used.

Volumizing hair powder what is it for?

This new product is a texturizing powder created with different ingredients and is intended to make hair more voluminous.

A real panacea for all those people who find their hair flattened on their heads.

The volumizing powder hair wax has an immediate effect on the skin and gives it a more full-bodied appearance than the natural one. The hair volumizer powder can be used in two ways, both of which are very simple. The first is the use indirectly, through the help of the hands. The product is put on the palms of the hands and then spread on the hair by performing a sort of massage, so that it is completely absorbed. The most effective method, however, is the direct one: it is poured directly on the hair roots, and then spread through a massage with the fingertips. The greater the quantity of product used, the more evident will be the volume that will be added.

Our product does not just give your hair a better look, it absorbs moisture, so that the style is always perfect. In addition, it absorbs excess sebum found on the skin and is perfect on backcombing. The volumizing hair powder degreases and strengthens the scalp, therefore it is particularly recommended by the most experienced hairdressers. Thanks to these properties, after using it you can wait a whole day before washing your hair, and the effect will still be great!

What hair is suitable?

The volumizing powder is suitable for all hair types, it will act perfectly both on fine hair with a weak structure, and on curly and oily ones. The important thing is to follow the instructions carefully and focus only on the points on the scalp that you want to volumize. The application is fast even on very thick and long hair.

As always, we would like to point out that the quality of all Bulligans Collections products is organic in nature and guaranteed by Made In Italy.

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