The Bulligans collections safety razor

In this article we want to tell you about our safety razor.

The safety razor is an accessory that has ancient origins dating back mostly to the 1800s.

In recent years more and more bearded people have rediscovered the use of this particular razor, making it an object of daily use.

All this is given by the fact that this particular beard accessory has many advantages, since in addition to being safe it is also very performing.

It is in fact the best razor both for beginners and for those who prefer to prefer skin protection.

This is because safety razors have a component that protects the skin from cuts.

Another very important aspect and not to be underestimated is their ease of use, in fact, compared to freehand razors they are much simpler to use.

Our safety razor has a so-called two-piece structure.

In fact, it is possible to separate the head of the razor from the handle of the accessory.

It turns out to be a system that avoids clogging due to hair, a problem that precisely belongs to the butterfly razor.

The main advantage is given by an easy replacement of the blade by clipping on the top.

Furthermore, our Bulligans razor is closed-toothed or also called closed comb.

These types of razors are the most used, especially by beginners.

This is because they have a bar that has the purpose of keeping the skin taut, in this way allowing the blade to reach the bulbs better and to cut the beard delicately.

They are not aggressive and ideal for both beginners and those suffering from irritation due to sensitive skin.

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