Beard balm: what is it for?

Beard balm: what is it for?

Today we're going to see together what it's for and why it's important to use beard balm. Beard balm is an essential product for beard and mustache care.

Often, however, there is a tendency to create confusion with the detergent to be used during washing: they are not the same thing! In fact, beard balm is a product that must be applied after washing, to nourish and comb the beard.

Our Bulligans collections beard balm is particularly indicated in the first weeks of beard and mustache growth, this beard balm reduces the annoying itching caused by hair growth, softening the beard, nourishing the skin and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness. It must be used without rinsing.

Bulligans offers its customers two different fragrances, wood and tobacco and silver mountain , both available on the website

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We would like to remind everyone that the quality of all Bulligans Collections products is organic in nature and guaranteed by Made In Italy.

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