How to cut, soften and moisturize the beard


Whether it's short or long, your beard deserves perfect care.

Today we are going to see the secrets so that you always have the right type of beard for your face.


To take care of a long beard, we recommend treating the hair as if it were hair, shampooing with specific products .

Clean your beard thoroughly, on the sides, between the mustaches, reaching up to the skin.

Once your beard has been thoroughly cleaned, rinse it with cold water and pat it dry gently with a soft cloth.

With a suitable brush that you can find on our site, you can move on to 'comb' it. The movement must first go against the grain , then in the direction of the hair. This operation will serve to remove dandruff, dead cells and other impurities.

The beauty routine can continue by applying a conditioner or oil that softens the hair. Bulligans collections beard oil softens the beard and gives it brightness.
Finally, you can go back to brushing it, giving it the shape you want for a long, well-groomed beard without any snagging.


A problem that affects many men. How to cut your beard if you don't want it too long or too short? Bulligans gives you some useful tips.

First you should always Brush your beard before cutting it.

Once you've brushed, you can use an electric razor at an inch and a half setting. Make small movements and arm yourself with patience, as for a length longer than a centimeter it takes much longer to make it uniform.

Scale the razor to minimum and move on to cleaning the neck, following the natural line of the chin. Now move on to the scissors with which you will have to trim the mustache hair to prevent it from ending up on the lips. Just follow the line of your mouth to get a good result.

Again, you can finish the job off by applying a Bulligans beard balm or oil to make it softer.


Short beard generally means a beard no longer than half a centimeter.

Keeping it at a constant level without making it grow in patches is possible, just use some tricks. Here we will list some of them:

● Maintain perimeters. Do you have a round face? Square them! Do you have a square face? Round them up!
● Do not use scissors unless you are a professional
● Use an electric razor to a half-centimeter level.
● After shaving, use the right products .

Even a short or medium beard requires the utmost care. An aftershave balm is used to soothe the skin, soften the coat and avoid irritation.

We recommend Bulligans Wood & Tobacco or Silver Mountain Beard Balm . You can find them both by clicking here.

Bulligans Beard Balm minimizes skin stress and dryness.

Particularly indicated in the first weeks of beard and mustache growth, this beard balm reduces the annoying itching caused by hair growth, softening the beard, nourishing the skin and leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness. Without rinsing.

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