Why do I have holes in my beard?

Do you have holes in your beard and are you looking for a solution?

If the beard grows in patches what should we do?

Today we talk about how to take care of your beard to look your best. Hair and hair are made of the same structure and the former have a very important purpose: to protect the skin. However, it can often happen that beard hair does not grow beyond a certain extent because, having the function of protecting the skin, it is not necessary for them to grow more than they should once they have fulfilled their task.

If you have holes in your beard it's useless to shave hoping they'll grow more beautiful! This is a false myth, the reality is that there are points where it is written in your DNA that they do not have the predisposition to grow. The truth hurts, but you have to know it. Each of us has a unique and inimitable DNA; if your father or brothers don't have a full beard, yours is unlikely to be. It should also be known that testosterone is the hormone responsible for hair growth which denotes masculine characteristics.

If your testosterone, for genetic reasons, is low, chances are you will have holes in your beard. Age also plays a very important role in beard growth; there are in fact some guys who can't grow a beard until they're 20 years old. If you are still young don't worry if you have holes in your beard, wait a little longer!

If, on the other hand, you are over twenty, the reasons for the lack of growth can be:

  • stress diet: review your diet and start taking the right vitamins to promote hair growth.
  • itching: during growth hair tends to itch and if you scratch too often you could cause the follicle to fall out and consequently cause the famous patches.
  • sleep: if you sleep poorly you may have problems with beard growth, so make sure you sleep well.

But are there any solutions to adopt?

If you're over 20 and your beard grows in patches, there are a few things you can do:

  • Moisturize your skin regularly: If it itches, start moisturizing your skin rather than continuing to scratch. If you want some tips on how to relieve beard itch, we have written an article on this very topic!
  • Resist the urge to trim your beard when it's longer - it will help cover patches with longer hair. You can see our tips on how to trim your beard by clicking here.
  • Comb your beard: You can use a beard brush to hide the holes in your beard. But which brush to choose?

    Bulligans offers you two alternatives:

  • Buy a beard oil moisturizer: it will help speed up growth and calm that itching that may be causing patches. In this case we can find 3 different fragrances:

    Our oils are designed primarily for those who keep a long and thick beard.

    The active ingredients present in the various fragrances are sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, maple wood, jojoba oil and rosemary. For how to apply Bulligans beard oil we have created a video especially for you! Click here to see it.

  • Use a beard shampoo: this promotes hair thickening, stimulates the growth of follicles and helps to have a strong and thick beard. Bulligans has selected two alternatives for you to always keep with you for perfect beards:
  3. Both are created specifically for beards.

Bulligans offers you a wide variety of products for your beard, from oil to gel for a perfect shave, from aftershave balms to shampoos for a flawless final result and hydrated skin without irritation.

You can find the whole catalog on the website www.bulligans.com

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