Beard oil: what is it for?

Out of all the products for bearded people, beard oil is definitely one of the most helpful. But what is beard oil used for? Let's start by saying that it is an oil to soften the beard and moisturize it, to avoid the appearance of dandruff and itching, as well as make the beard easier to shape.

In fact, thanks to its multitasking soul, it can be used both by those who want to have a long and well-groomed beard, by the clean-shaven, and by the middle ground, that is, all those men who have decided to grow a beard now, and want a result Perfect.

Today we're going to understand what beard oil is really for and how to use it, and we're going to offer you some alternatives that Bulligans collections offers for you.

Beard oil is a product based on natural oils that are mixed together depending on whether you want to obtain a more or less nutritious formula: argan oil, jojoba oil, avocado, sunflower, almond, olive and many still others.

Each plant from which it is extracted has a specific property, but the main characteristic that the oils have in common is their ability to nourish and make beard hair softer.

Beard oil was born as a solution designed to soften the frizzy hair of long beards, but also to nourish the underlying skin which tends to dry out and itch, creating unsightly dandruff.

But the functions of the oil are not limited to this: it is in fact important to know that beard oil can also be used as a treatment before shaving, in order to protect the skin from razor damage.

Beard oils should be used from the early stages of growth, when our hair is a few millimeters long.

Applying the oil once a day is usually more than enough, but here too a lot depends on your beard and its characteristics.

If, for example, in the summer you find that your beard is particularly dry due to the heat, you can safely apply a beard oil even twice a day without running into particular problems.

The best time to apply beard oil is after a shower: thanks to the steam, the pores of the skin dilate, and the oil will be absorbed much more quickly. However, it's important to be careful and make sure you dry your beard completely, otherwise the water will prevent some of the oil from being absorbed properly.

Also in this case Bulligans offers the market various fragrances.

In this case we can find 3 different fragrances:

Our oils are designed primarily for those who keep a long and thick beard.

The active ingredients present in the various fragrances are sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, maple wood, jojoba oil and rosemary. For how to apply Bulligans beard oil we have created a video especially for you! Click here to see it.

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