The Exclusive Benefits of Becoming a Reliable Reseller

If you are looking for a business opportunity in the hair and beard care industry, becoming a Bulligans reseller could be the right choice for you. With an established reputation and a range of high-quality products, Bulligans offers numerous benefits that will make your business more profitable and satisfying.

1. Made in Italy products

Bulligans products are entirely produced in Italy, synonymous with quality, authenticity and passion. Being a Bulligans retailer allows you to offer your customers products that embody excellent Italian craftsmanship in the personal care industry.

2. Various Payment Methods

We are aware of the different needs of customers, and therefore we offer various payment methods to ensure a convenient and secure transaction. From traditional credit card payments to more modern solutions, we are ready to satisfy all your financial needs.

3. Minimum Quantities for Restocking

We think about your success. With Bulligans, minimum restocking quantities are affordable, allowing you to manage your inventory flexibly and adapt it to the demands of your local market.

4. Organic & Cruelty-Free Products

A commitment to sustainability and respect for animals: our products are of natural origin and cruelty-free, responding to the growing needs of customers attentive to the environment and social responsibility.

5. Staff Always Available

Your peace of mind is our priority. Our staff is always ready to assist you, answer your questions and provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth collaboration.

6. Among the most followed brands in Italy

Being associated with Bulligans gives you prestige and visibility. With a growing fan base, Bulligans products are among the most followed and sought after in Italy, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

7. Secure Payments and Easy Returns

Safety is paramount. We guarantee secure payments and an easy 14-day returns process, ensuring customer satisfaction and solidifying your reputation for reliability.

8. Fast Shipping

Your customers won't have to wait long for their products. With Bulligans, we guarantee fast shipping within 24/48 hours, helping to build customer loyalty and guarantee an efficient service.

9. Headquarters in Rome

Our headquarters in Rome is the beating heart of our operation. Being a Bulligans retailer connects you directly to one of Italy's most iconic cities, helping to consolidate your connection with Italian tradition in the personal care sector.

Become a Bulligans Reseller Today!

If you are a retailer or a professional in the sector, Bulligans is ready to welcome you into our family of collaborators. Contact us immediately via email at or via WhatsApp on 3519607444. You will receive the updated catalog and a personalized quote to start your successful business with Bulligans. Don't miss the opportunity to offer your customers high quality, made in Italy and constantly evolving products.

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