What is kamisori razor?

What is kamisori razor?

The term "Kamisori" refers to a type of traditional Japanese razor used for shaving. Kamisori razors are unique in that they have a blade with a single bevel that is sharpened on one side only, unlike modern western style razors which have a double beveled blade.

What is the history of the razor?

The Kamisori is a type of Japanese razor that has a long history dating back several centuries. It is said to have been invented around the 14th century and was initially used by samurai for daily shaving and for preparing their beards before a duel.

The Kamisori is a single edge razor that is sharpened on one side only, meaning it requires a different shaving technique than Western double edge razors. In Japan, the tradition of Kamisori shaving is still alive today, even though the razor has been largely replaced by modern double-edged razors.

Kamisori production has historically been concentrated in the Sakai region of Osaka Prefecture where master craftsmen honed their skills in creating these razors. Today, Kamisori is regarded as an art object and many people collect it as an object of cultural value.

In Japan, training schools still exist to become master craftsmen of Kamisori, and the traditional techniques of production and sharpening are still highly respected and appreciated. Additionally, many people enjoy the feel of having a traditional shave with a Kamisori, which can offer a very different experience than modern razors.

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The Kamisori Razor is therefore a razor of this type, characterized by a single bevelled blade sharpened on one side only. This type of razor requires a different shaving technique than Western razors, but many shaving enthusiasts find the precision and effectiveness of the cut offered by the Kamisori Razor to be superior.

How to use the kamisori razor?

The Kamisori razor requires some skill and practice to use properly. Here are the general steps for using a Kamisori razor:

  1. Prepare your beard: Before you start shaving, make sure your beard is clean and hydrated. You can take a warm shower or apply a warm washcloth to soften your beard.

  2. Pick up the razor: Hold the Kamisori razor so that the blade is pointing up. Make sure you have a firm, stable grip.

  3. Prepare the blade: Open the razor and check the blade to make sure it is sharp and flawless.

  4. Start Shaving: Use your thumb to gently open the skin on your face and start shaving your beard with slow, gentle strokes. Don't apply too much pressure or your skin may become irritated.

  5. Clean the blade: After each pass, wipe the blade with a clean cloth to remove excess water and hair.

  6. Finish the shave: Once the shave is complete, wash your face with cold water to close the pores and apply an aftershave product to moisturize and soothe the skin.

Remember that using a Kamisori razor takes practice and patience. If you're new to shaving with a Kamisori, you may want to start with a short beard and gradually work towards a closer shave.

Why buy kamisori razor?

The kamisori razor is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality and close shave. Here are some of the reasons you might consider buying a kamisori razor:

  1. Precision: Kamisori razors are designed to deliver an extremely close shave. The thin and sharp blade allows you to reach even the most difficult areas of the face, such as the area under the nose and around the ears.

  2. Savings: While the initial cost of a kamisori razor may seem high, their overall long-term price is actually much lower than disposable razors or replacement blades. In fact, kamisori blades are very durable and can last for years if well maintained.

  3. Environment: Using a kamisori razor is also an ecological choice, as it avoids generating plastic waste.

  4. Heritage: The kamisori razor is an important part of Japanese culture and represents a long-standing tradition. Using it can be a way to appreciate and honor Japanese culture.

  5. Aesthetics: The kamisori razor is an elegant and refined design object that can add a touch of class to your daily shaving routine.

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