Shaving gel: why use it?


What is the difference between foam and shaving gel?

Both have the main objective of making the skin softer to cushion the effect of irritation due to shaving

However, shaving gel is more performing than foam, as being more concentrated it makes shaving easier and more precise. It can also be applied more evenly and penetrates better, thus ensuring greater protection and hydration.

We can also state that a good shaving gel must protect the skin and reduce the risk of post-shave injuries and irritations.

Thanks to the content of ingredients such as glycerin, it softens the skin making it particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

In addition, our gel also has the advantage of being transparent, which allows you to better see where to pass the razor and any wounds or irritations.

Being transparent, it allows you to refine your mustache, sideburns and neck, and to better sculpt the shape of the beard in case you decide to grow it.

To obtain good results, moisten your hands with warm water, mix a small knob of product on the palm and pass it on the face with a light massage.

At this point the skin is quite soft and ready for the action of the razor.

When choosing the shaving gel, you need to pay attention to the ingredients it contains.

In order to perform its main tasks, which are precisely those of making the razor slide and avoiding irritation, the gel must contain specific ingredients such as glycerin, essential for its moisturizing properties and for its ability to restore the hydrolipidic film.

Bulligans shaving gel, for example, in addition to glycerin, also contains salicylic acid of natural origin, which has an exfoliating action and counteracts imperfections, and mineralizing thermal water, which helps strengthen natural defences, regenerate and soothe the skin .

Our gel has been specially made for finishing the contours of a beard, moustache, sideburns and neck or classic shave.

Its transparent and foam-free formulation guarantees excellent precision.

Thanks to its components and its aquatic and flowery "salt crystals" fragrance, it softens and protects the skin from irritation, leaving a feeling of absolute freshness.

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