Beard care - our tips

Today we are going to see everything you need to maintain and treat your beard at its best.

1. Get to know yourself

A great beard must be "built" day after day and to obtain a good result it will take a lot of patience. The first thing to understand is the shape of your face. If you have a slim face, you will want it to grow a full beard beyond the contours of the face as well. If, on the other hand, you have a more pronounced jaw, you will prefer to keep the sides of the beard less thick.

2. Password: PATIENCE

As just said, there is only one password: Patience. It will take two or three months to grow your beard before you can give it a discreet shaping. This is because we need to give the beard time to grow and develop in order to offer something concrete to work on. Despite this waiting period, don't wait 3 months to start using the right products. Giving your beard the right starting point is the secret of its success. Stock up on oil and beard balm and keep your skin hydrated with the right product. Go to your barber with a healthy beard and you will see that the results can only be good. To have a great result you have to wait!

3. Make beard oil your best friend

The best way to start getting great results is to keep your beard always healthy and hydrated. If your beard is dry and uneven, you will hardly reach the goal. Many think that it is more important to buy a shaving balm or cream right away when in fact it is more important to use a beard oil because it reaches deep into the skin, preventing itching and irritation.

We can in fact say that the cream and the balm are for the beard as opposed to the oil that is needed for the skin!

The best habit is to use beard oil in the morning and wash it off before going to bed with warm water. The oil penetrates to the skin and is easy to wash off before bed. If your hair is dry and needs an extra touch of hydration, add a beard balm as well. We see a huge difference between customers who use specific products and those who don't. Using the right products will allow the skin to remain strong and healthy.

Bulligans offers you a great range of products suitable for every taste.

4. Keep your beard neat and clean at all times

Personal care and therefore beard care is very important in every man's life. The beard should be washed simply with a special shampoo 1-2 times a week. More frequent use could result in dandruff or dry, irritated skin.

We at Bulligans offer you two alternatives regarding shampoo: both at the price of € 15.90 we can find the silver mountain fragrances and the woods and tobacco fragrances.

5. Trim your beard

How often does a beard need to be trimmed? It depends on the beard and how quickly it grows and when the hair begins to bother you. For most guys, it's once every 2 weeks. For others, it's once a week.

Beware of cutting your beard yourself! When trying to style your beard at home, it's more work for your barber to fix. Focus on skin and hair care and let the barbers do the rest. A good barber will use a freehand razor because it is easier to make clean lines and give you the exact look you are looking for.

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